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July 11, 2018
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When Twitter Fails


Do you remember when you would ride in the car with your family and everyone would talk? We used to play the “slug bug” game all the way from Danville to Orlando. When my children weren’t slugging each other we would have conversations. We would talk sports, politics and the gossip of our small town.

On our last trip to Disneyworld nine years ago the atmosphere in the vehicle changed. We were on our phones. Sure, we still had conversations but my kids were texting their friends and I was busy waiting for the decisions of Patterson and Meeks. I had discovered Twitter.

My son shared with me all the celebrities he was following and I immediately clicked the follow button. I soon realized that I didn’t care much about Hollywood news but I had found a new outlet for sports. I made the decision to strictly use Twitter for sports. I was excited to search profiles of those I followed to find other contacts that would provide me with tweets which would keep me updated on my beloved Wildcats.

Then an election happened. Tweets turned political and opinionated. I made the choice at that time to stay positive and keep my political opinions to my self. I have held true to this until Monday night. There are a few things that will start the negative tweets thoughts being typed on my keyboard: my children, my dogs and John Short.

I will never understand people who make fake profiles to emulate a person. Even worse someone that tweets malicious words to an innocent person because of their political party infuriates me.

The BBN is a family. A family that includes members throughout every state in this great country and worldwide. We have one thing in common…our love for the Kentucky Wildcats. We do not judge each other, Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter. We have each other’s back through the good and the bad.

Twitter provided a forum for a person to degrade a “Great American” and Wildcat Fan on Monday night. There was no way to prevent this cruel person from a constant stream of hurtful words.

Thanks to all of BBN who took a stand against his person. Thank you for having John’s back. The BBN truly is the best fan base in the world. Together we are much stronger than one.

“Think before you Tweet”

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