In An Effort to Shine A.J. Rose Opts to Go Dark

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August 1, 2018
August 2, 2018
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In An Effort to Shine A.J. Rose Opts to Go Dark

A.J. Rose is laying low as he prepares to break out. Photo:

Generational differences of opinion have been going on for as long as there have been different generations of people to have different opinions. When Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and others were captivating America musically in the 1950’s how do you think the previous generation felt about it?

We already know.

Fast forward to this day and age. What is the biggest gripe that people from my generation (I’m 40) and those from my parent’s generation have about today’s youth? You know it, “they’re always on their phones!”.

As a “tweener” (you might say) I get that. I didn’t grow up with a phone in my hand in my formative years but I also could spend way too much time on my phone now if I allowed myself to do so. So when someone from this generation who’s grown up in an age when a phone is essentially an extension of the hand decides to take a leave of absence from said phone it’s commendable and noteworthy.

This is what A.J. Rose has opted to do as the Kentucky football team gets set to begin fall practice.

There you have it. A.J. Rose is going dark and took to Twitter last night to let everyone know that he would be laying low to focus on getting better and positioning himself to shine and have that break out season that the BBN has been eagerly anticipating.

The memories of the work A.J. put in during the Blue-White Spring Game are still fresh on everyone’s minds. No doubt building on that is his top priority and setting his device down for the next few weeks will only help him lock in even more so.

Rose isn’t the only athlete that opts to spend time away from the phone from time to time. King James, yes LeBron himself, always lays low in the spring of the year to sharpen his focus during playoff time.

The quarterback battle between Gunnar Hoak and Terry Wilson will be the main story line for Kentucky this season and rightfully so given the fact of how inexperienced they are. Adding a laser focused A.J. Rose to the mix with Benny Snell, C.J. Conrad, Dorian Baker and Lynn Bowden will make the quarterback’s lives that much easier.

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