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August 14, 2018
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August 14, 2018
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The Bahamas…Wrap Up

After spending six days in paradise surrounded by the beach, pool music and Kentucky basketball, it is time to reflect on what we learned about the team.

Alpha Dogs

This team likes to talk and no one does it better than Keldon Johnson.  He was always in the opponent’s face and on occasion sticking his tongue out.  The news is he is the loudest talker but the other players have the “dawg” attitude.  In previous years Kentucky has lacked that player that is considered the alpha dog.  This year it is evident that there are several dogs in the pound.

Let’s get physical

I cannot remember a time when an opposing team whined to the refs that the CATS were being too physical.  In years past it has been our players pleading their case to the refs.  This team is the aggressor. They bullied and wore down every team they played and enjoyed it.  When a scuffle occurred with a CAT there were immediately three more CATS surrounding them, ready to go to battle.

They are a team

These games were exhibition games.  They will mean nothing when it is time for the pairings in the NCAA tournament.  However, the bench cheered the entire game, chest bumping, shouting and showing their support.  When a player fell to the floor teammates immediately surrounded them to help raise them to their feet.  Have they bonded…yes they have.  Is there chemistry…yes there is.

What is missing?

That answer is easy, nothing.  Quickley and Hagans run the floor like generals.  Hagans is like that fly that won’t leave you alone.  Quickley is only a few steps behind Hagans in his progress.  Herro can shoot the lights out (literally) from anywhere on the floor.  Green is in his best shape since arriving at U.K. and he is determined to prove his worth to this team.  Washington, Richards and Travis are beasts in the middle.  Montgomery, the top big guy in this recruiting class only played one game in the Bahamas.  One can only imagine what the inside will be able to do when he returns.  Johnson, I am not even going to discuss his game, if you watched you know.

The Wait Begins

It is two months until Big Blue Madness.  Two months of gym time, team time and development.  In three months we will tipoff against Duke in Indianapolis.  Kick back, get some rest, it is going to be a fun ride!

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