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Pitino being Pitino (again)


Before you read this post please take the time to check and see what you have spent twenty dollars on during the past few weeks. My list includes, refilling my Starbucks card, treats for the dogs, gas for the car, couple of cheap dinners with the husband and hair products.

Before you purchase “My Story,” Rick Pitino’s latest book be advised that everything you listed above is more enjoyable, including gas in your car. In other words…don’t waste your money.

The 257 pages bind together to take us once again on Pitino’s journey from greatness to unemployment.

The first half of the book details his successes in coaching. The second half is spent  denying his knowledge of any scandal at University of Louisville. Throw in stabs at Governor Bevin and Papa John for being the catalyst of his demise, add in some details of him as a Captain of his own boat add a plethora of misspelled words and you have “My Story.”

Little is devoted to his time in “Camelot,” as he likes to call his time as coach at Kentucky. Sure, there is the story of Mashburn and Martinez sneaking out to go to a strip bar and his trouble in recruiting players because of Rupp being named after Adolph Rupp. Pitino’s track record would indicate that maybe the above is true or maybe they are not. At this point one could only speculate.

The most disturbing part of the book was the manor in which he literally threw David Padgett under a bus. Padgett was a former player and assistant who took the interim coaching position when Pitino was fired. Padgett stepped into a mess, hoping only to hold the program together while they waited out the storm.

Pitino being Pitino (excerpt from the book)

Of course, it’s impossible to definitively say my presence coaching the team would have assured the players of landing in the draft. But playing within a stable, highly-ranked program would have given these players the kind of positive attention that can only help their draft prospects. And playing on a team that could receive an NCAA Tournament bid would have given them even more attention in increasingly competitive and pressure-filled situations.

It does not seem to be a huge stretch to say the board’s decision to fire me likely robbed some of these players of their professional careers.

I said goodbye to Pitino when he stepped off the Papa Johns (yes Papa Johns) plane and accepted the coaching position at Louisville. I really don’t care what he is doing, how he spends his days on his boat or if he might land another coaching job.

My advice…refer to the list above and go spend your twenty dollars on something more enjoyable. Unless you feel this unemployed guy need the royalty money.

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