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October 19, 2018
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October 21, 2018
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It begins…

One of the best things about the Blue/White game is watching fans attending a game in Rupp for the first time. They line up for pictures and show their ticket stubs to the “guys in the blue jackets” for directions to their seats. It is a checkmark beside every Kentucky fan’s bucket list.

Rupp was no where near capacity but the crowd was larger than what I have seen in previous years. The line was wrapped around the corner for ice cream and the Dance Cam did not disappoint, a typical game night at Rupp.

This is the beginning of the season. In 16 short days college basketball will begin. In 16 short days the CATS will tip off at Bankers Life Arena against Duke.

Takeaways from the Blue/White game:

After playing only one game in the Bahamas EJ Montgomery gave and a glimpse of what he is capable of contributing to this team. His presence is a force in the middle and held his own against the other bigs.

If you missed “lobs for dunks” last year you will be elated this year to see they are back in full force. Green consistently and perfectly feds the big men for slams.

Richards in the Bahamas was not a fluke. Nick was all over the floor tonight blocking shots, rebounding and dropping baskets. Not once was his head down, but always there was a smile on his face.

Hagans and Quickley are both really good. It’s hard to determine who will get the starting nod on November 6th. Coach Cal cannot go wrong either way.

Tyler Herro can shoot the ball. I would imagine you haven’t heard that before. Please tell people you heard it here first.

My biggest disappointment of the night was that I did not arrive in time to try Edely’s Barbque. The line was 20 deep and I had only 10 minutes. I must plan accordingly next game.

It is hard to find a weakness on this team. Those will surface when the season begins. After all, we can’t be perfect…can we?

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