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Sports fans are passionate.   Very passionate.  That’s not surprising given that the word “fan” is short for “fanatic.”  At some point, however, this passion turns ugly, especially on social media.   So for all the passionate fans out there, here are a few gentle reminders.

Just because your team lost a game doesn’t mean a coach or coaches should be fired.  This is especially true when the coach in question is the same person who has built your team into an actual contender for a conference championship.

Just because a player may not play up to your standards doesn’t mean you should call him names or say vile things to him on social media.   Few things are more pathetic than grown men tweeting hatred to a teenager.

Just because you think a player who isn’t getting playing time should be on the field (or court, depending on the sport), you might take a moment to remember that you are not at practices or in the locker room.  Consider for just a moment that the coaches are in a better position to determine who should get the minutes in games.

Just because your team didn’t win by a large enough margin to suit you, perhaps you should enjoy the “W” instead of complaining about the mistakes.  Like we say in golf, “there are no pictures on the scorecard.”

Just because you don’t like the design of a uniform, that doesn’t mean an Athletic Director should be fired.  Take a moment to remember that same AD has brought you a lot of great things your team might not have had otherwise.

Just because a highly prized recruit chooses another school, it does not mean that player is soft, selfish, lazy, or has too big of an ego to be a team player.  After all, prior to them making their college choice, you thought they were pretty awesome.  Sometimes they just want to go to another school.  It really can be that simple.  And perhaps it should be repeated that there is no reason to tweet hatred to said recruit.  A simple “good luck” is all that needs to be said.

Before you get all fired up and start drafting a fiery response in the comments section, let me clarify that fans should be passionate.   Criticism of coaching decisions and athletes’ performances are to be expected.   Criticism of Athletic Directors is to be expected.   I’m in no way suggesting folks shouldn’t criticize, but it shouldn’t cross the line into personal attacks.    I would suggest though that life can be a lot more enjoyable if you focus on the good things and let the negative things fall by the wayside.  And this may come as a surprise to some people, but the coaches are not checking Twitter or Facebook during games to see who they should put into the game or what play they should call.   Shocking, isn’t it?

By all means, keep supporting your team and support the players and coaching staff.  But please remember, just because you have something you want to say, maybe saying it isn’t always the best choice.

In the meantime, just enjoy the ride!

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