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October 28, 2018
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October 28, 2018
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Ladies Night at Memorial Coliseum


The women of the BBN never disappoint when it comes to attending the Men’s Basketball Women’s Clinic.  The attendance increases every year and the line get longer for pictures and autographs.

Credit should be given to the staff this year for listening to the suggestions of the attendees.  Suggestions included a move back to Memorial Coliseum, the past two have been held at Rupp.  No more 30 minute practices, this year there was a 6-minute transition drill.  The women asked and the staff delivered.

The player introductions are always a highlight. Some players dance, others try and others prefer just to walk.  Keldon Johnson (no surprise) won the dance intros tonight.  In fact, he had moves for everyone’s walk in song.


Participants were divided into groups and had a chance to exercise with Rob Harris, ask questions to ESPN’s Holly Rowe and Maria Taylor and question the Assistant coaches.

Rob Harris didn’t let anyone skip the work out including the youngest participant.

Holly and Maria took the time to take selfies with fans as they toured the Marksbury Player Suite.

After the sessions this is attendance watched a video recap of the Bahamas trip on the “awesome” new video screen at Memorial. One must experience it in person to appreciate it.

Lastly participants had a picture taken with the team on the gym floor.  Everyone will receive a copy via email.  The battle for position in the picture is one of my favorite things to watch.

Until next year…be loud and proud women of the BBN.

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