Kentucky Wildcats 86, IU Pennsylvania Crimson Hawks 64
November 2, 2018
Cats Fall to Dawgs 34-17
November 3, 2018
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This day is for you…


Today the Kentucky Wildcats will play Georgia at Kroger Field for the title of SEC East Champion. This is a day many fans have dreamed of for 40 plus years. Would Kentucky ever be in the hunt in the SEC? Would we ever gain respect? Would this occur during our lifetime?

The answer is yes. Today is your day Kentucky Football Fan.

This day is for you…the child that sat at Commonwealth Stadium on your parents’ lap cheering for the CATS. You listened to the moans and groans of the crowd. You looked at the disappointment on your parents’ faces. Perhaps today you will make your way to Kroger Field accompanied by your children and maybe grandchildren. You will be a part of history and your family will be by your side.

This day is for you…the child that will join their parent(s) in the solitude of their family room. It is a family tradition watching the CATS play. The size of the television screen has changed and until this year the room was filled with disappointment. “How could this keep happening, why do the football gods hate us?” Today you will hug your parent and do not be surprised if a tear runs down your cheek when the CATS run through the tunnel. You will remember this day and game forever.

This day is for you…the fan that has renewed their season tickets each year. The University changed your seats, moved your parking space and perhaps changed your tailgate area but you never gave up. You had faith. You endured rain, snow, cold and ‘ugly” football but you stayed until the 4th quarter ended. Today you will experience Kroger Field with a championship atmosphere. You will yell, scream and cheer. You will sing the words to “Grove Street Party” you will not sit down. You will never forget the feeling of the seats swaying at Kroger Field.

This day is for you…the players who have worn the Kentucky jersey over the past 40 years. You suited up and left your heart on the field. You played through the good and the bad. Each of you left a mark in history. Today the work you started, the path you plowed shows its reward.

This day is for you…the members of the BBN who are no longer with us. You can’t be here to experience today instead you will have a front row seat over Kroger Field. You will watch over our team as your loved ones will point to the sky in remembrance of your loyalty to the CATS. Today is a day of remembering.

This day is for you…BBN…GO CATS

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