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November 9, 2018
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November 10, 2018
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The Game After

Tuesday night in Indy was a distant memory (that will sting for a long time). Tonight was to begin the road to redemption for the CATS. Tonight was to be a game that fans would reunite with that UK team that played in the Bahamas just a few months ago.

The Southern Illinois Salukis came into Rupp on a mission to prove they were worthy of playing with and beating the CATS. The Salukis were focused out of the gate and did not have an issue with playing on the big stage in front of 24,000.

Kentucky struggled from the start. There were so many line up changes I could not keep track of who was in and who was out. Travis got two quick fouls and remained on the bench most of the first half. The CATS battled for rebounds and never seemed to have a flow to the game.

The second half of the game started like the first half ended. SUI and UK exchanged the lead and then the 12 minute point arrived.

Then BBN came alive. Richards grabbed his 13th rebound and “out of the blue” a versus of the UK team fans had seen in the preseason arrived. The CATS double teamed, scrambled for loose balls and opened the lead by 3 with ten minutes left to play in the game.

Kentucky could never seal the deal on the game, the Salukis kept within striking distance.

Kentucky complimented by the guard play of Green and Quickley, the rebounding of Richards and the determination of Johnson finished the deal sending the Salukis back to the pound.

This team has a long way to go, however it is early November. They will learn from mistakes and grow independently and together.

Don’t cancel the room reservations in Minneapolis yet!

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