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Moss on Injured List


He’s not on the disabled list but you won’t see WKYT-TV videographer Steve Moss at Kentucky basketball games for the next few weeks. He tore the MCL (medial collateral ligament) in his knee during a sideline collision with UK receiver Lynn Bowden and Herald-Leader photographer Alex Slitz during UK’s win at the Citrus Bowl.

“The good news is that they don’t do surgery any more on a torn MCL, so I didn’t have to face that,” Moss said. “I’m just limited in what I can do. I don’t know when I will be back shooting UK basketball because you have to sit Indian-style on the floor and I am a few weeks away from being able to do that.”

Moss was on the opposite sideline from the collision earlier in the third quarter when Bowden knocked down VBRO public relations director Melanie Fish. He saw the hit she took and thought she was “pretty lucky to get up because I saw her head hit the ground.”

Moss got hit one play after Lonnie Johnson’s interception put UK in position for Benny Snell’s touchdown run that broke the school rushing record. Bowden caught a pass and Moss saw him headline for the sideline where he was. Moss backed up but a Penn State player pushed Bowden after he was out of bounds. Bowden hit Slitz and the Herald photographer rolled into Moss with both going down. 

“It was just a fluke. No play is worth hanging in there to the last second and potentially getting hurt. I had backed up,” Moss, who had been hit covering football only one other time (at a high school game) in his 30 plus years with WKYT .

“(All-American offensive lineman) Bunchy Stallings came over and picked me up and asked if I was okay,” Moss said. “I really didn’t know. I just knew I had to fix the camera. I grabbed some athletic tape, did a quick fix and finished the game. I didn’t know until the next morning when I went to an urgent care center that I might have a MCL issue. I had a MRI when I got back to Lexington and they found the tear. Alex was hurt as well. I think he had a slight concussion.”

Moss said Bowden posted a message on Twitter apologizing — just like he did with Fish. 

“He didn’t need to apologize. It’s just a hazard of being on the sideline,” Moss said. “Those guys (players) are keenly aware of where we are. They know they could get hurt just like we could, so they don’t want to hit us, either. But honestly, that’s part of the attraction of being on the sideline doing what I do. You are so close to the action and a little adrenaline flows when the play is coming at you. However, you learn to pick your spots and when to pull out. I thought I had pulled out but when Lynn got shoved after he was out of bounds, that changed everything.”

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