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February 3, 2019
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Hagans’ Herro

Tyler Herro’s first half at Florida kept Kentucky in position to eventually make their move in the second. Photo by Hunter Mitchell.

I’m going to go out on a pretty sturdy limb and say that most youngsters, teens and twenty-somethings look at me at age 41 and just see some older dude going about his business.

That’s fine. I’m sure I did the same thing to forty-somethings when I was their age and they’ll have young kids looking at them the same way they’re looking at me soon enough.

But let the record state this clearly: no matter how old or ancient they perceive me to be, I know absolutely nothing about Hogan’s Heroes, the show that inspired the title of this article.

I’ve heard that it was very funny, but that’s all that I can tell you. The final episode was April 4, 1971, more than six years before I was born.

So here’s a clip.

Pretty funny.

I’m sure those of you older than me who remember the show are just shaking your heads as you read this. Kentucky found themselves shaking their heads and staring an 11-point deficit in the face in the second half against Florida Saturday.

Ashton Hagans had some trouble getting into the flow of the game. This isn’t an attempt to single him out or bash him. He just didn’t control the game as well as he normally has since he’s seized control of the point guard spot. It happens, he’s a freshman. He’ll bounce back.

Fellow freshman Tyler Herro had his back. He was locked in from moment one in the first half and went a perfect 4 for 4 from the field (2 for 2 from deep). He chipped in on the boards too, collecting five rebounds in the opening 20 minutes as Kentucky went to the locker room down four.

The second half didn’t start off as smooth as Kentucky would have liked as they found themselves facing the aforementioned 11-deficit.

PJ Washington’s pep talk definitely lit a fire and turned the tide that enabled Kentucky to close the game on a 34-12 run but the Cats wouldn’t have been in position to make that move without Herro’s first half work.

The beat goes on when South Carolina comes to town Tuesday night.

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