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Coach Boeheim: This I Know

Dear Coach Boeheim,

I woke up on Thursday morning grabbed my cup of coffee and the iPad and, as I always do opened Twitter to catch up on the overnight happenings.

I was taken to a road that I traveled six and a half years ago. The road that forever changed my journey. The phone call that I will never forget.

Coach, I was on the other end of the tragedy. My mother was killed while crossing Main Street in my hometown. In the blink of an eye, lives were changed for eternity.

I have experienced the abundance of feelings Mr. Jiminez’s family are experiencing. I have been there. I so wanted to hate the person responsible for taking my mother away from me. In fact, for many weeks I did just that. Then the realization that she did not intentionally cause my mother’s death became my reality. She was not responsible; the circumstances were.

Give the grieving family time. Forgiveness will come. This I know.

For months I could not sleep as I relived the moment of the accident in my mind, over and over. The scenario never changed, the pain never left and the picture remained the same.

In time it was not the last thing I thought of when I went to sleep or the first thing when I woke up. The memory will never go away but it will fade in time. This I know.

When you travel past the scene the scenario will replay itself. You may even choose to avoid that route like I did. But eventually you will return to your routine, even if it means you must face the horrid memories again.

As the years pass and life returns to its new normal it will become easier to make that drive. This I know.

Rely on your faith, family, friends and supporters. They will be there for you. They will protect you from the chatter and be a shoulder you can lean on.

The memory never goes away but time, prayer and love helps ease the pain. This I know.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers always.

Tina Cox

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