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March 19, 2019
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Twas the Night Before the Tourney

Twas the Night before the Tourney, when all through the land;

Everyone was giddy and excited, especially every diehard hoops fan.

The brackets were filled with methodical care; in hopes that One Shining Moment would soon be there.

The Big Blue Nation was all warm in their beds; while dreams of title number 9 danced in their heads.

Women in their bedazzled sweaters and gents in well-worn caps; had all just recovered from a long winter nap.

When down in Jacksonville there arose such a clatter; I quickly turned to Twitter to see what was the matter.

I picked up my iPhone, to the app like a flash; when I saw rival fans make jokes about losses in tournaments past.

There were pictures and updates from the Big Blue Nation; lots of folks following the Cats, spending all their vacation.

Well, to my wondering eyes, I saw such a sight; a man with 12 young hoopers all wearing Blue and White.

The man was yelling and his actions were quite scary; I said to myself, “Oh wow, it’s UK head coach John Calipari.”

The man and his team did much of what they pleased; they ran alley-oops, they shot lots of threes.

He called them all by name “On, on Reid and Keldon and Quickley!;” And PJ had the staredown that made opponents sickly.

“On EJ! On Nick!” The man sounded like a young Bob Deniro; “There he is! There he is! There goes my Herro!”

“To the top of the key! You’ve got to move the ball!” While the others watched Ashton move fast like John Wall.

And the man gathered them all around for a moment of instruction; “Just listen to me now on this eve of destruction.”

The team all gathered round and heard of Kentucky teams past; the shots, the wins, the hopes of their opponents all dashed.

“You’ve got a Nation behind you, our fans are the best. Remember now and look down at the word on your chest.”

“Just work hard and listen and do all your chores, you’ll remembered forever like the previous Final Fours.”

Not the man was quite boisterous, some people would say Swaggy; his suit was a scooch too big and slightly baggy.

But the man personified hard work from his head to his foot; even as his detractors labeled him as a crook.

“You’re ruining basketball!” folks said with much glee; “you’ll be a perfect fit if you go to Kentucky!”

Now in year 10, with 4 previous Final Fours, the man previously at Memphis knew the BBN yearned for more.

The tournament is filled with upsets, lots of tears and a few grins; and everyone should know the best team doesn’t always win.

We fill out our brackets and hope with all of our hearts, but to survive to the end will take skill, luck and smarts.

When all is said done, if you could read my mind; I’m picking Kentucky to win NCAA title number 9.

The road won’t be easy, it will be tougher than it seems, but as a wise man once said, “I really like my team.”

With a wink Calipari turned and took his team out of sight; “it’s March Madness, y’all. Have a good night!”

Terry Brown
Terry Brown
Terry Brown, born in Louisville, KY and raised as a Cardinal fan. Thankfully, he converted and bleeds nothing but Kentucky Blue. He currently lives in Louisville and spends his spare time chasing after his two girls, Sarah and Lauren. Terry is also on staff at and co-hosts Cats Talk Wednesday with Vinny Hardy on Blog Talk Radio, every Wednesday from 6-8 pm EST.

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  1. Cheryl White says:

    Love this- made me smile!

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