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April 4, 2019
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April 7, 2019
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Who You Got?

How many times in the past week have you been asked, “who you got winning this year?” I have heard that question at work, home and among friends. I have been asked on Facebook, Twitter and in the line at the grocery store.

My simple answer is, “I don’t care.” In fact, the probability of me watching the games in their entirety is zero. If it happens to be on I will watch. However, I will put forth no effort.

When Kentucky lost on Sunday I was done. In my heart and head basketball season officially ended. I really don’t care to see another team cut down the nets nor watch the highlights of the tournament as One Shining Moment plays.

There are no “blue bloods” in the Final Four and the storylines are hard to follow as there are none that are worth reading. The only exception is the Zion talk as somewhat subsided. I would not be surprised if CBS doesn’t have a camera attached to him as he watches the Final Four from a couch somewhere on the campus of Duke. That is if he still is on campus and attending classes.

My summary of the Final Four teams:

Texas Tech: The first thought that comes to mind is Billy Gillespie. That resulted in the worse two years ever in our historical program. The second thought is Bob Knight. I need not explain any further.

Auburn: “They are an SEC school, I am cheering for them to win.” I have heard this so many times this week. Sure it would be nice for a SEC school to cut down the nets but what really does this do for Kentucky? Not a thing. Auburn beat us to get to the Final Four. Watching the sweat stream down Bruce Pearl’s face and armpits is not a pleasant sight. The positive, I enjoy Charles Barkley rubbing it in Kenny Smith’s face.

Virginia: The Cavaliers made history last year, not in a good way. The first number one seed to lose to a 16 seed in the NCAA tournament. If they win this year many will say it would be a fairy tale ending. If Virginia does winch championship, no one will remember the championship but always will remember the loss in 2018 to the 16 seed. On the positive side, I totally enjoy watching Tony Bennett on the sidelines. Some of the best eye candy in college basketball.

Michigan State: Kentucky fans should remember that Tom Izzo was a loss away from becoming the coach of the Wildcats. It has been 19 years since Michigan State has cut down the nets. Magic Johnson will be court-side cheering on his alma mater. If they win we might even see a smile from Izzo but you will have to look quick because that does not happen often. The biggest thing to remember is Michigan State beat Duke.

Yes, I am salty.

Yes, I am ready for this Final Four to be over.

Yes, I have booked my room for Atlanta next year.

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