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April 9, 2019
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Nowhere Near The Truth

The Truth has set himself up for more criticism.

The Truth has opened himself up for more criticism.

Don’t worry, we’re going to get to Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade in just a second.

But let’s just preface all of that by saying that wild and crazy comparisons getting bandied about isn’t anything new. The LeBron James and Michael Jordan debate isn’t wild, but it is tired. The crazy thing is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar seemingly always being left out of the conversation.

In the middle of this college basketball season, the 2018-19 Tennessee Volunteers were compared to the 1995-96 Kentucky Wildcats.

Rather than waiting to see how things played out, the comparison was prematurely made and the passage of time allowed the inaccuracy of it to speak for itself.

Harold Miner was actually nicknamed “Baby Jordan“. Yes, really. Talk about your wild and crazy comparisons. He was the first of many athletic early 90’s wing players to be compared to Michael Jordan when he was at his peak. Miner’s game and career never progressed on to MJ adulthood.

So when Paul Pierce was straight up asked if his career was better than Dwyane Wade’s on NBA Countdown here’s how he answered.

You have to bet on yourself and have that self-confidence and all but . . . wow. Watch how Michelle Beadle just drops her head at the :20 second mark. The unsaid says so much. Then she hits him with “What are we doing right now?” When Pierce references Wade playing with Shaq, Jalen Rose tries to throw him a life raft by reminding him that he had the Big Three. The Truth wasn’t having it.

Then he doubles down and says “I played 10 years with who? With who?” He ran slap over Antoine Walker (who Rose mentions) with the biggest bus he could find.

Kenny Anderson, Joe Johnson and Al Jefferson also played with Pierce during that span.

Paul Pierce had a great career and was and is a proud competitor. He ended a title drought that had gone way too long for Celtics fans of any age bracket and no one can ever take that away from him. That said, this was an odd hill to die on and the wrong battle to pick. Like I said earlier, anyone can make any type of comparison they want.

That’s what The Truth chose to do.

Once you do that, you open yourself up to large doses of realness that you might not be ready for. That’s exactly what has happened, the whole equal and opposite reaction thing.

Paul Pierce is always going to be loved in Boston, but he will also always be remembered by most everyone else for his wheelchair game in the 2008 NBA Finals. Now his Wade comparison comments will be right up there with it.

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