Surprise One and Done Wing on Surprise One and Done Wing Crime

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June 19, 2019
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Surprise One and Done Wing on Surprise One and Done Wing Crime

Tyler Herro doesn’t have to look that far back in UK basketball history to find the NBA player he wants to go at. Photo by Hunter Mitchell.

It’s NBA Draft eve. In less than 24 hours NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will announce Zion Williamson as the New Orleans Pelicans’ selection. A few picks down the line after that, the first former Kentucky player will hear their name called and embrace Coach Cal before taking the stage.

Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader was interviewing the draftees to be: Tyler Herro, Keldon Johnson and P.J. Washington, and got a nice response from Herro.

This would be interesting enough if you just looked at it from the “they play the same position” angle. Had Herro picked Jamal Murray or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander it would have been unique because of the plethora of former Cats in the league angle.

He chose Devin Booker and, to me, that’s the most unique answer he could have given. Not only did he select a fellow former Cat that plays the same position as himself, he chose the guy that arguably has the most similar path to the league as himself.

Devin Booker and Tyler Herro could be battling for years to come.

No one had Devin Booker being a lock to be a one and done player when he arrived at Kentucky yet that is exactly what he was when he departed. The same scenario has played out for Tyler Herro. During his time in Lexington, he put in the work on a lot of facets of his game that he wasn’t highly touted for as an incoming freshman.

The back and forth/potential Cat on Cat crime that took place when Booker saw his answer was just gravy.

Devin asking Jerry Tipton to play the messenger and tell Tyler that he’s “not hard to find” is hilarious.

De’Aaron Fox even weighed in and spoke from experience about how inevitably Tyler will have to go on and get his number changed.

After this back and forth I’m hoping that Herro gets drafted by a Western Conference team so we can see them go at it more than twice a season. There could also be some epic three-point contest battles during NBA All Star Weekend for years to come.

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