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Making Memories at Memorial

Boye County Attorney Chris Herron and daughter Laney.

It is a busy world for parents. Weekends are spent catching up on chores that have gotten behind from work schedules. Fathers are doing their “honey do lists” trying to get outside work done before the next rain storm rolls in. Today was different for 450 fathers and daughters. It was a day spent making memories that will last a lifetime at Memorial Coliseum.

It was hard to determine who was more excited at Coach Cal’s Inaugural Father Taught Camp on Saturday, the fathers or their daughters. Their smiles told the story of the day. There were hugs, there was nudges when the players walked into the gym but above all there was happiness on the faces of the participants.

The attendees participated in stretching, drills (low impact) and girls were given the opportunity to play one on one in pick up games.

Dads lines up court side with words of encouragement as their daughters attempted to steal, dribble and keep up with the long strides of the players. The average girl measure to the hips of each player. The players smiles were not only directed at the energy level and determination of the girls but the comments of the sidelines, “go girl, you can steal it, dribble past him, you can take him.”

Participants had the opportunity for pictures and autographs with not only the player but with Coach Cal, Ellen and Megan Calipari. Twenty years from now those pictures will be stored somewhere on the iCloud but the memories made will be forever etched. The duos will always be able to reminisce about the day they spent with the Wildcats.

Kudo to UK Staff, Coaches and Players for a job well done!

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