Kentucky Players’ Summer League Stats – Through July 12

Kentucky Players’ Summer League Stats – Through July 11
July 12, 2019
Kentucky Players’ Summer League Final Stats
July 14, 2019
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Kentucky Players’ Summer League Stats – Through July 12

The consolation round began on Friday as the Summer League draws nearer to its end. Of the 32 teams participating, only the top 8 advanced to the tournament round. Those playing in the consolation round are playing their final games of the summer.

Oklahoma City was in action, but Hamidou Diallo did not play. In the 4 games he appeared in, he averaged a little over 27 minutes per game, 14.75 points and 4.25 rebounds. His focus was clearly on playing the best defense he could, but as previously noted in other daily recaps, his 3-point and free-throw shooting both need a lot of work. He finished 12-29 from long range and 18-35 from the line.

Wenyen Gabriel also had the night off and finished his summer having played 6 games. He averaged 15.33 points and 7.33 rebounds and was a very respectable 41% (12-29) from 3-point range. But, like Diallo, the free-throw line seems to be his nemesis. He was just over 51% at the line. Having 35 attempts but only making 18 of those could make him be viewed as a liability, especially in late-game situations.

Keldon Johnson’s summer league is also at an end. Johnson doesn’t have much to prove having been called by several NBA executives “the steal of the draft.” In Johnson’s 4 games, he averaged just shy of 15 points and 3.75 rebounds. He was also an impressive 80% from the free-throw line. While Keldon fell further in the draft than many expected, I think he’s a great fit at San Antonio and being overlooked by so many other teams may very well be a blessing in disguise.

Fortunately, the Suns decided to use a little common sense Friday and gave Derek Willis another shot. In his 12 minutes on Friday, he scored 10 points, got 3 rebounds, and 3 assists. In the 3 games where he saw action, he averaged 16 minutes and 6.67 points and 3 boards. He was an impressive 57.14% from beyond the arc (4-7). Perhaps I am biased, but I think he could be an asset to the Suns, but I don’t have a lot of hope for him making the roster. As a good friend of mine who lives in Phoenix said earlier today, “The Suns aren’t known for making logical decisions” as it applies to personnel.

Speaking of getting another shot, Isaac Humphries was once again on the floor for the Clippers. He played 21 minutes and scored 8 points and had 5 rebounds. To round out his night, he also had 2 assists and 2 blocks. Humphries had limited opportunities to make an impression during league play, getting only 37 minutes in the 3 games he played. At least if the Clippers don’t sign Isaac, he has his music career ready to take off.

Finally, Reid Travis got one more game under his belt to hopefully convince Atlanta they need him on their roster this upcoming season. Travis was very consistent in the 4 games where he saw action. He averaged 12 minutes, 4 points, and 4 rebounds. Again, I’m not sure this was enough for the Hawks to keep him this fall, but the BBN knows that Reid would be a huge asset to any organization.

Tomorrow, Harrison, Herro, Knox, Vanderbilt, and Mulder all have the potential to play. Unlike other draft picks that sat out their last game, I would expect to see Herro play since the Heat will be playing in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

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