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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. You may wonder how that could be. After all, football doesn’t start until next weekend. To that, I say, “Precisely.”

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love football season. For starters, it means fall is just around the corner and with it, an end to the stifling, brutal heat and the arrival of the crisp air with just the right amount of chill. Summer flowers are fading away, replaced with the gradual but steady changing colors of the leaves. Shorts and sandals are put away while hoodies and boots come out of the closet. And then there is the return of pumpkin spice. Wait, scratch that last thing. I’d be fine if pumpkin spice never made another appearance anywhere, but I digress.

With just one week until football season officially starts, fans can see the light at the end of the long off-season tunnel. The wait no longer seems endless. We can officially start packing our gear for tailgating. The talking season is over — it’s time to put on the pads and play ball.

Again you may ask, “If football season is so exciting, why is the weekend before your favorite time?” In a word, anticipation.

Before the season starts, everyone still has a chance to make the College Football Playoffs. There have been no losses, no head-scratching calls by the coaches, and no mental errors by the players.

Specifically for the BBN, we haven’t seen the Wildcat run “too many times.” The fans aren’t moaning that the coaches don’t seem to realize we have tight ends on the team. No “games we should have won” have been lost. There have been no penalties, no negative-yardage plays, and best of all, no video reviews.

The University of Kentucky football team runs out onto the field during the game against No. 14 Mississippi State on Saturday, September 22, 2018, in Lexington, Ky. Kentucky defeated Mississippi State 28-7. Photo by Hunter Mitchell.

Right now, all is perfect in our Big Blue World. We are still riding the high from a 10-win season and a Citrus Bowl victory over Penn State on New Year’s Day. We have the same chance as any other team to win the SEC East. The Wildcats could continue with the streak Mark Stoops has had during his time at Kentucky where each season’s win total is equal or better than the year before. In short, anything and everything is possible.

Next weekend, I will be very excited, make no mistake about that. I have full confidence that our Cats will have another successful season. Once again, they will prove the national media wrong with their predictions of a 4th (or worse) finish in the SEC East. Stoops & company have proven year after year they are not only bringing in great talent but are also developing those players into NFL-caliber athletes.

Yes, Big Blue Nation, it’s football time. Should our Cats stumble along the way, don’t be discouraged and don’t give up on the team. These players have proved time and again they work too hard and have to much heart to give up on themselves and the will fight “until the battle is won.”

And be sure to enjoy this last football-free weekend. Remember, it’s the last time this season that anything is possible for every team.

Oh, and seriously, let’s hold the pumpkin spice.

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Michele Brown
Michele Brown
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