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Terry Wilson Out for the Season
September 8, 2019
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On To The Next Game

Kroger Field fell silent tonight as Terry Wilson fell to the ground on a horse collar tackle. When the gator made its way onto the field the crowd held their breath. As Wilson was placed on the back of the gator (with knee brace) the crowd chanted “Terry.” He waved to the crowd.

This is the headline of the game. The one play that could be a season changer for Kentucky.

There was so much wrong with the game tonight. the CATS should have easily handled EMU. It just seemed to be a struggle or perhaps a reality check that BBN needed after analyzing the win against Toledo.

Last week our receiving core caught every ball thrown in their path. This week many speculated this could be the best group of receivers in recent years. Tonight proved that that statement would need to be reevaluated in a few weeks.

“Shoot yourself in the foot penalties” caused a littering of yellow flags. The CATS would take three steps forward and then two steps back thanks to actions from both the seniors and the “newbies.”

The secondary was exposed. I can only imagine that the Florida staff will be ready to attack that weakness next week.

On the positive side…there was SMOKE who is the perfect combination of Benny Snell and Boom Williams. Bowden is just an all around player. His pass from the wildcat to Wilson was a crowd favorite of the night.

Time to make corrections and get ready for the Gators.

Prayers for Terry Wilson.

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