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O Captain! My Captain!

What Does It Mean to be a Team Captain?

Being chosen by the coach or elected by your teammates to team captain should be seen as a huge honor for any athlete. It means your coach/team see characteristics in you that mark you out as a good leader, a team player, and someone who the rest of the team can look up to.  It means accepting an extra level of responsibility for your team.  It means setting a good example for your teammates.  A captain pulls the team together no matter what the circumstances.  A captain sets the tone for the attitude of the team.

Whether a player is voted on by teammates or chosen by the coaches or perhaps a combination of both, the responsibilities of being a “captain” should never be taken for granted.  You lead by example and thus far this year the captains for the Wildcats have not met the criteria listed above.

Lynne Bowden chopped off his dreadlocks this summer so the fans could see his face.  He wanted to be recognizable to the BBN.  He has excelled in the classroom and the pictures of him holding his son brings smiles to all.  He is the most explosive, athletic player on the team. Yet…if the ball isn’t  being thrown his way he sometimes stops running in the middle of designed routes.  Does this send the message to the other players that this is ok to do?  There are always going to be missed catches but a couple of catches should have been caught by #1 during the Mississippi State game.  He is expected to make those.  He has to be a difference maker for this team to succeed.

Logan Stenberg, a senior is the biggest strength of the offensive line this year.  He has an NFL career ahead of him and yet the only guarantee he can offer this year is that there will be penalties.  These penalties caused by Stenberg always occur at crucial points in the game.  Granted, as with all lineman there will be holding calls at times but the majority of flags thrown against Stenberg have been personal fouls.  These occurring 90% of the time during a gain of yards which end up resulting in a loss.  There will be chatter amongst players but with the maturity of a senior one would expect the back to be turned and walk away instead of displaying the middle finger to the face of the opposing player in front of the referee.

Kash Daniel loves Kentucky and Kentucky loves Kash Daniel.  The throwing of the water bottles last year in a WWE move will be a gif that will live on for years in Kentucky Football lore.  He has unique presence that was created the day he stepped on campus.  He portrays a WWE character both on the field and before any camera/microphone that might be pointed in his direction.  However last week Kash had the chance to make something right and instead he lied.  All would have been forgiven had he just admitted he got carried away with emotion.  After viewing the second and up close video of the play in question there was no doubt.  Kash intentionally twisted Trask’s ankle.  One must own up to their mistakes in order to be a leader.  Being accountable for actions and respect for the game should come before anything.

Our record is 2-2 and we are heading to South Carolina this weekend to play an opponent we have beaten five years in a row.  We are better than them.  I truly expect our captains to step up and man the ship they were given.  There is a lot of time left in this season.


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