7 Reasons You Should Buy Season Tickets to Women’s Basketball

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7 Reasons You Should Buy Season Tickets to Women’s Basketball

Team. Photo by Elliott Hess | UK Athletics

The University of Kentucky Women’s Basketball team is currently promoting a “Drive for 5” initiative where they hope to have 5,000 season tickets sold for the 2019-20 season.   At Media Day on Tuesday, Coach Matthew Mitchell indicated about they had reached about 3,000 of that goal, but they were still working hard to hit the 5,000 mark.  There is a lot of enthusiasm about this year’s team and I’ve composed a list of (at least) 7 reasons you should buy season tickets.

  1.   It’s very affordable.  At a modest $69 per seat, you get 16 games in Memorial Coliseum and 2 games in Rupp Arena.  A family of four could enjoy season tickets for not much more than you would pay for attending a single men’s basketball game.
  2.   You get to see the teams from the best women’s basketball conference in the country (SEC).  Just because the ladies aren’t dunking the basketball doesn’t mean it isn’t entertaining.  For the fans of fundamental basketball, this is where you need to be!
  3.   You can see National Freshman Player of the Year, Rhyne Howard in person.  Joined by a solid core of returning players as well as some transfers who have completed their year sitting out, this promises to be a most successful year and Howard should absolutely shine.
  4.   For those that have a soft spot for Kentucky natives on our athletic rosters, the women’s team has you covered!  Returnee Blair Green and incoming freshman Emma King are both poised to be big contributors for the Wildcats this season.  They both appreciate how special it is to represent our beautiful Commonwealth and are dedicated to giving 100% every time they hit the court.
  5.   You will be surrounded by a lot of enthusiastic, dedicated fans.  When I first began covering the women’s games a few years ago, one of the first things I noticed was the absolute devotion and passion of their fans.  These folks arrive early, stand and cheer at EVERY game, and they stay until the final buzzer regardless of the score.  It truly is a family-like atmosphere and you can’t help but get caught up in their enthusiasm during the games.
  6.   It’s a more “personal” experience.  With a smaller venue comes a feeling of more intimacy, but it’s not just that aspect that makes fans feel a personal connection with the team.  At the end of games, the players and coaches gather on the court and sing “On, On U of K” and then listen as the band plays “My Old Kentucky Home.”  Also, you will get a chance to meet various players throughout the season as select individuals will sign posters after some games.  And since most of the players are around for the full 4 years, you get a chance to really know each of them.  Having covered these ladies for several years, I can tell you this bunch is one you will fall in love with immediately!
  7.   THEY NEED YOU!   As Coach Mitchell said on Media Day:

We do have such a dedicated fan base, and every night we hit that door, walk down
that tunnel and run into Memorial Coliseum, such a special place to play basketball in front of
special fans, we’re very appreciative and we also understand what their impact is almost being
a championship program. I mean the people who have already bought their tickets will be a
huge part of creating this championship atmosphere in Memorial Coliseum and we just want a
few more to join that because they can have a direct impact with their energy and their
enthusiasm and making it tough on the opponent. We’ve just had such great success in the
Coliseum and we’re looking forward to another great year and I just want fans to understand
how exciting I think this team is going to be.  I think this is going to be one of those teams that
people are just going to fall in love with and enjoy watching play this year. So, a fan can really
have a direct impact on the success of the season by purchasing that season ticket and showing up and filling the Coliseum every night. I appreciate the people who’ve already done that and just want to urge everybody else to get involved.”

Be a part of something special and head to UK Athletics now to secure your seat for this season.  You’ll be glad you did!

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