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November 4, 2019
Down Goes #1 — Kentucky 69 Michigan State 62
November 6, 2019
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Wheels Down New York City

The 2019-2020 Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team. Photo by Elliot Hess | UK Athletics


Tomorrow night Madison Square Garden will host the 1,2,3,4 teams in college basketball. It is the kickoff to college basketball season. The beginning of the road to the Final Four which will end in Atlanta. The drought is over.

Most Kentucky fans will agree that the whooping Duke put on the CATS in Indianapolis will not be repeated by Michigan State. I really don’t know if it could be worse than what happened at Bankers Arena last year.

Five minutes after tipoff last year we were beat.  In fact, I left the arena went to the media room drank a cup of coffee and returned only to find the the CATS in worse shape than when I had left.  I think most fans gave up at halftime and left while others just stared in disbelief.

Last years team had everyone fooled.  Players, media, fans and yes even Coach Calipari thought they were ready for the big stage.  The Bahamas gave false hope and high expectation for the first game and soon all were hit with a reality check.

This year is different. There are no bold predictions from either team, fan bases or Vegas.

One thing is a definite, the returning players do not want to have the “feels” they had following last years games.

I am heading to the New York hang out Jack Dempsey’s tonight, mark that off my bucket list.  I will listen to the fans grumble and praise this years CATS.  That is just what Kentucky fans do.

I know the following conversations will be heard:

  • Is Nick Richards going to play?
  • What the heck is wrong with EJ?
  • We gonna play small ball?

Make sure you go vote tomorrow. Tip is at 9:30pm  (which means 10pm) allowing time for voting, ordering pizza, drinking a late cup of coffee and kicking back in the recliner.

The quest for nine begins tomorrow!

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