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Smoky Mountain Christmas Joy


If I had to pick one word to describe our experience at the Smoky Mountain Opry Christmas show it would have to be inspiring.

I had been told the show would be good, but it was way beyond good. It lasted just over two hours and time just flew by as the cast and crew of over 50 did so many things to entertain you.

The show featured a variety of music, including terrific Christmas music the second half of the show that included flying angels and a camel during the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Of course, Santa Claus was part of the show but there was also a giant “good” fairy.

Comedian Slim Chance certainly knew how to make you laugh but his juggling was different from any other juggler I’ve seen. Same with the duo that could literally change clothes right in front of you without me having any idea how they did it. The two aerialists were not something I was expected but certainly provided some spectacular stunts.

The eight-piece band enhanced what the talented singers and dancers did — and never lost their smiles or enthusiasm. The sets and costumes only made the show even more entertaining.

It was just two hours of feel-good time that let you leave the theater feeling good about yourself and our country.

Magic Beyond Belief With Darren Romeo

Two days earlier we watched the singing magician Darren Romeo. First time I had watched a magic show where the star constantly entertained you with his singing along with his illusions.

Consider this: Romeo is a protege of Siegfried and Roy, two master illusionists. He learned from them and was even on stage with them in Las Vegas where he performed regularly. It’s easy to see now why he’s an award winning magician and his illusions/tricks left me thinking, “How did that happen?”

He interacted with the audience a lot and while there was a small crowd at the Sunday night show we attended, it didn’t impact the performance he put on.

Not going to give away his tricks except one — the floating light bulb. It’s called an illusion but I swear that light bulb floated right by me. This was the trick perfected by Harry Blackstone years ago and Romeo is the only magician the Blackstone family allows to use the illusion — which by itself makes the show worth seeing.

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