Coach Skinner pre-SE Missouri State press conference main quotes

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December 5, 2019
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Coach Skinner pre-SE Missouri State press conference main quotes

The Kentucky Volleyball team kicks off postseason play Friday night in Memorial Coliseum against Southeast Missouri State. Here are some of the main quotes of what UK Head Coach Craig Skinner said in the press conference today getting ready for the game:


Coach Skinner on hosting the first round of the tournament:

“It is an honor for the chance to host the NCAA Tournament, never want to take that for granted, and give a lot of credit to our players for earning that right on the floor. Last year in the first round we had about three-thousand people and love to have the chance to break that number this year.”


Coach Skinner on what the point of emphasis for the first round matchup against Southeast Missouri State is:

“They’re (Southeast Missouri State) a very good defensive team. They serve the crap out of the ball, they won their league, and won three straight in the conference tournament so they have proven to be able to play well under pressure. We have to be aggressive…we have to attack…we have to trust what we do and play physical. 


Coach Skinner on how the team’s week of practice has been leading up to the start of postseason:

“They’re (the players) having a good time. We want to enjoy the ride. They enjoy the drills…they’re enjoying each other, which I think when you have enthusiasm for something then you have the tendency to play harder, so I think that’s part of this group. (The team is) a very focused group…upper-classmen are dialed in, so I know what to expect and that’s been pretty pleasing to the staff.


The first match between the Cats’ and Southeast Missouri State is at 7:30 pm in Memorial Coliseum.

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