John Calipari pre-Fairleigh Dickinson press conference main quotes

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December 1, 2019
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December 5, 2019
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John Calipari pre-Fairleigh Dickinson press conference main quotes


UK Head Coach John Calipari also met with the media today in preparation for their battle with Fairleigh Dickinson on Saturday. Here are some of his main quotes from today’s press conference:


UK Coach Calipari on if he has looked ahead to the matchups with Ohio State and Louisville later in the month:

“I’m worried about today’s practice. All I’m trying to do is (see) how good can we get. I said publicly if we don’t become an unbelievable defensive team, we will not be playing late in March…if we are that (a good defensive team), and we are rebounding and have some toughness about us, fight, then we’ll have our chances to advance.”


UK Coach Calipari on Fairleigh Dickinson:

“They’re a team that (does) a lot of switching, a lot of taking their 4’s and 5’s out on the floor and try to beat you on the bounce. They’re another capable team that’s coming in here, and you’re seeing now there are no ‘alright we just show up and play’. Every day that you can, use the day to prepare to be great.”


UK Coach Calipari on the status of the team as a whole:

“We’ve got a long ways to go, and individual players have a long ways to go.”


Later mentioned that he’s telling the players:

“Now you’ve  gotta raise the bar…and they’re all capable of that and reaching what I ask them to do, but they never had to (before).”


Kentucky takes on Fairleigh Dickinson at home in Rupp Arena at 4 pm Saturday evening. 


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