Hagans Injured Late in the Missouri Game, Diagnosed with a Low-Ankle Sprain

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January 4, 2020
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January 5, 2020
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Hagans Injured Late in the Missouri Game, Diagnosed with a Low-Ankle Sprain

Sophomore guard Ashton Hagans had to come out of today’s matchup against Missouri after getting injured without any contact with just 1:48 left to go in the game.


    Many feared the injury was dealing with his achilles from the way he went down and was grabbing his leg, but was later diagnosed with a low ankle sprain, which is much less severe than an injury to the achilles, as instead of being out long-term, he is thought to only be out a few days.


    UK Coach John Calipari was also fearing it was an injury to the achilles at the time that Ashton Hagans went down, as he worried for not just the team but for Hagans himself.


“Forget our team. (I worried) for him, his game and how he plays,” Calipari said.


Sophomore guard Immanuel Quickley mentioned he was not sure what happened when the injury occurred, and neither did he think Hagans himself was, but he still feared the worst knowing how important Hagans is to the team.


“When he was limping, it definitely dropped my heart,” Quickley said. “I’m sure everybody was holding their breath a little bit because he’s basically the heart and soul of our team. Offensively, defensively, he’s a leader.”


UK Coach Calipari was as relieved as everyone following UK and the game itself to find out that Hagans had just had a low sprain to his ankle and would be back in action shortly.


“When I walked off the court, they had me on the TV, and I was trying to get off the TV because I wanted to go back and make sure, but when they told me it wasn’t that (an achilles injury), we can deal with whatever else it is,” Calipari said.


It is still not clear whether Ashton Hagans will be able to play against Georgia on Tuesday night in Athens.


“Maybe he doesn’t play against Georgia…then you’re all going to see the impact and the importance he has on this team,” UK Coach Calipari said talking about Hagans’ impact.


Sophomore guard Immanuel Quickley pointed to the things Hagans does as an active defender and a distributor of the ball that UK would have to make up for if he is not on the court against Georgia, but maybe the most important aspect of his game, though, that Kentucky would miss, is his leadership.


“He’s a leader you know,” Quickley said. “We’re gonna have to talk, pick up little stuff that he does, and hopefully everyone together will make up for that.”


Thankfully for Ashton Hagans and the team, the injury was not one that could have him out for a long period of time, and regardless of whether he plays against Georgia or not, UK will still have him soon barring another injury.


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