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It’s Not Goodbye…I’ll See You Around


Starting a new chapter is never easy but writing the last page in the previous chapter is in many ways harder.

I decided in November that when basketball season ended I was going to take a break from writing. It was time to be a fan again. I wanted to sit in the stands decked out in my UK gear and yell and scream like the typical UK fan.

So, as I write this final post for Cameron Mils Radio I am filled with many emotions. I am sad, excited but above all thankful.

Thank you Cameron for all the opportunities that were afforded to me. I have lived a dream the past four years. I have experienced UK basketball in a way I never thought possible. Rupp, Kroger Field, one on one with coaches and players, NCAA tournaments and other events would never have been possible without you taking a chance on me. There are very few items left on my bucket list. Besides all the glitz and glamour I will always cherish your friendship.

Thanks to the crew at Cameron Mills Radio. You all have truly become family to me. You have rejoiced with me on the birth of my two granddaughters and have held me close with the passing of a best friend and family members.

I will miss the cook-outs, Hunter’s hair, phone calls with Vinny and travel adventures with Terry. I love you guys!

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read my posts. Your interactions via social media make staying up all night to write a post worth every minute of sleep lost.

I’ll still be around kind of like a bad penny that always shows up.

Everyone stay safe during this trying time and look for me on TV when basketball starts. I’ll be that crazy CAT fan in the crowd!

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