The Top 10 best moments in the Mark Stoops era for Kentucky Football

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The Top 10 best moments in the Mark Stoops era for Kentucky Football

You know, graduating from the University of Kentucky has got me remembering some great moments I got to witness first hand. For the past four years, Kentucky Football has consumed my experience more than anything I could’ve thought of. Yes, more than Kentucky basektball. These past four years under Mark Stoops has arguably been the best run Kentucky football has had in the recent years. Four straight bowl games and now back-to-back bowl wins against Power 5 opponents. Not to mention the records broken by players like Benny Snell Jr. and Josh Allen, I was lucky enough to enjoy these moment in the past four years.

It all came back to me yesterday while clicking through YouTube when a video popped up in my suggested feed. Here is that video that got me looking back:

I shed a tear through all of these. Even the ones I did not get to witness first-hand. They all bring back some good memories and I will never forget!

So, with these plays being presented to me, I came up with my own list of the best plays that have happened in Kentucky football since Mark Stoops was hired. I got my fellow intern Chandler Wilcox in it as well and we both came up with our own list of the best plays in Kentucky Football in the Mark Stoops Era!

Hayden’s List

  1. Lynn Bowden’s Punt Return TD vs Penn State in the Citrus Bowl


2. Benny Snell Rushing Record with a TD run vs Penn State in the Citrus Bowl

3. Austin MacGinnis game-winning FG vs. Louisville

4. Terry Wilson TD Pass to Lynn Bowden Jr. vs. Florida to put UK up 21-10 in the third

5. Bud Dupree Pick Six vs South Carolina

6. Juice for the TD from Stephen Johnson vs Louisville. Punched them in the mouth early!

7. Lynn Bowden Passing TD to Josh Ali in the Belk Bowl for the Win

8. Stephen Johnson Game-Winning TD vs Tennessee

9. CJ Conrad game-winning TD vs Missouri on an un-timed down

10. Stanley “Boom” Williams Touchdown vs. Florida in Overtime

Chandler’s List

  1. Austin MacGinnis last second FG vs. Mississippi State

2. Austin MacGinnis last second FG vs. Louisville

3. Terry Wilson to CJ Conrad for last play TD vs. Mizzou

4. Benny Snell Breaks career rushing record for UK vs. PSU

5. Josh Allen strip sack vs Florida, leading to a DeVonte Robinson scoop and score to win the game

6. Stephen Johnson TD run to beat Tennessee

7. Bud Dupree Interception for TD against South Carolina in the closing minutes to win the game

8. Lynn Bowden to Josh Ali for TD to beat Virginia Tech

9. Bowden punt return for TD vs. Penn State

10. Bowden punt return for TD vs. Mizzou

Hope this brought you back down memory lane for yah cause I knew it did for us. Crazy to think where this program has gotten to and it is not stopping.

Catch Cameron Mills Radio tonight at 7:35 P.M. EST where Chandler and I discuss why we picked these plays! 

Comment down below on your top plays in the Stoops Era!


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