Eli Capilouto says UK is mourning the loss of former student Breonna Taylor, calls for an end to racism

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Eli Capilouto says UK is mourning the loss of former student Breonna Taylor, calls for an end to racism

Breonna Taylor is one of the names centered around the many protests seen across the country. Taylor, a 26-year-old African American, was shot and killed by police as they forcibly executed a no-knock search warrant into her apartment. Police fired back shots in response to her boyfriend, who fired off shots mistaking them for intruders, and Breonna Taylor was caught in the cross-fire.


Taylor was a former UK student who attended the university in 2011, and UK President Eli Capulouto today sent out a message saying as they grieve the many losses of lives of African-Americans due to racism, they especially mourn the loss of former student Taylor.


“We mourn her loss. We grieve with her family,” Capilouto says.


Capilouto then went on to talk about what the UK community will do to address the problem of racism in our society.


“I don’t have answers or absolution for America’s original sin. But we must acknowledge that the seeds of racism and hate, division and despair, continue to grow and thrive in our midst,” Capilouto says. 


The University of Kentucky president later on in the email:


“Dialogue is not enough. We have to do what we can, now, to find these solutions. We can’t immediately eliminate seeds of hate, planted in gardens near and far. But in reinventing our campus, we have a chance to reinvent and reimagine our community. We must take it.”


The University of Kentucky, along with protestors, looks for an end to racism as they await justice for Taylor and many other African-Americans who have been killed in such tragic instances.


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