NCAA D-1 Council Approves Preseason Plan for Football, Summer Plan for Men’s and Women’s Basketball

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NCAA D-1 Council Approves Preseason Plan for Football, Summer Plan for Men’s and Women’s Basketball

The NCAA D-1 Council on Wednesday approved a plan laying the groundwork for how the preseason will go for football as well as men’s and women’s basketball for the coming summer and fall. Let’s walk through this plan, starting with football.

Football players have already started voluntary workouts in many schools across America, but as of right now only strength and conditioning coaches as well as trainers and nutritionists are the only staff allowed at the workouts. By June 22, Kentucky will have all football players on campus for the workouts.

According to the six-week preseason plan for football, if the team for example starts the season on Sept. 5, those workouts continue until July 13 which is the date that coaches are allowed to start meeting with players for strength workouts and film study. Those eight-hour weeks turn into two 20-hour weeks of enhanced training including walk-through practices on July 24. The teams continue the workouts and light practice until Aug. 7, in which preseason camp will begin.

For basketball, between the dates July 1 and July 19, in a similar fashion to football, teams will start voluntary virtual non-physical activities along with enhanced in-person non-physical activities led by coaches, but no on-court practices.

Beginning on July 20 until Sept. 15, activities including weight training, conditioning and instruction from coaches for up to eight hours a week. The skill instruction specifically cannot exceed four hours a week and no days off required. On Sept. 15, teams can begin out-of-season workouts with two days off per week required.

Full preseason can begin 42 days before the team’s first regular season game. Kentucky men’s basketball, for example, would start Sept. 29 as the first game for the Cats is Nov. 10.

The recruiting time frame is still yet to be worked out, as the NCAA plans to release a plan in the coming weeks. 


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