ACC Announces 11-game College Football Schedule

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ACC Announces 11-game College Football Schedule

Senior Josh Allen (41) tackles freshman Malik Cunningham (3) of Louisville during the game against Louisville on Saturday, November 24, 2018 in Louisville, Ky. Photo by Hunter Mitchell.

The Atlantic Coast Conference has finalized a plan for college football in the league this fall.

On Wednesday, the ACC announced they would be implementing an 11-game schedule, featuring ten conference games and one out-of-conference game in which each school can play a team in the same state but in a different league. The 13-week schedule including two open dates will begin the week of Sept. 7-12. The conference will include Notre Dame in the schedule, and allow them a chance to participate in the ACC title game.

Other ACC fall olympic sports will be able to begin competition on Sept. 10, with each program playing the minimum amount of games required — volleyball (10), field hockey (6), women’s soccer (6) and men’s soccer (6). The programs are allowed to play a team from a different conference as long as the matchup meets ACC medical standards.

“Today’s announcement outlines a specific path for ACC fall sports to return to intercollegiate athletic competition using comprehensive protocols put forward by our ACC Medical Advisory Group,” said Kent Syverud, Chancellor of Syracuse University and Chair of the ACC Board of Directors. “As a league, we understand the need to stay flexible and be prepared to adjust as medical information evolves in conjunction with local and state health guidelines.”

So, considering each ACC team is allowed to play one out-of-conference opponent that is in their same respective state, Kentucky can play Louisville, right?

Well, maybe not — Sports Illustrated is reporting that the SEC is leaning towards a conference-only football schedule for this fall, meaning the Cats would not be able to play the Cards.

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