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Terrence Clarke Looks to Show Off Versatility on the Court

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

Kentucky guard Terrence Clarke was known for flashy scoring and incredible bounce in high school. The 6-foot-6, 180-pound freshman’s incredible ability to score landed him a top-ten ranking from virtually every basketball recruiting service, and now has led him to become one of the look-out star newcomers this coming college basketball season.

His versatility, however, is what has been popping out to the eyes of assistant coach Bruiser Flint, who went as far as to mention him in the same realm of talent as former UK stars John Wall and Anthony Davis.

“Very talented. I mean, extremely, extremely talented. Versatility, I think that’s going to be one of his biggest things. I think you can almost put him on any position on the floor to play. Now, I’m not going to lie, Cal has been all over him about some of his habits, but he’s unbelievably talented. Great size. Puts it on the floor. Shoots it. But he’s a typical high school kid who has pretty much had his way. But you see it. Oozes with talent. Oozes with talent. Cal, when I used to talk to him, even before this, would talk about him in the same way to me as the John Walls and the Anthony Davises and things like that. So, he has that type of talent, but he’s still got a lot to learn. But, he’s a really, really talented player,” he said.

For Clarke, becoming even more versatile has become an important key in practice lately. Whether getting down in a strong stance and being a forceful defender or finding his teammates on the offensive end, he has been working to become known for even more than scoring.

“I think for me, I just wanna show my versatility. I think a lot of people know me as a scorer, but as you said, I’m a good playmaker in general. And that’s one of the dimensions I wanna show here — that scoring is not the only aspect I have in my game. I can do a lot of different things while also being a two-way player. I’ve been working on my defense especially because Coach Cal, like you said, doesn’t take days off,” he said.

With the many options that Kentucky will have this season, Terrence Clarke might not be asked to score as much as he was used to high school. Forward BJ Boston is one of the those highly regarded options, as he is the only freshmen in this class to be higher rated than Clarke and come to UK. With Boston and the talent spread throughout the roster this coming season, Clarke is confident he can rely on his teammates.

“Honestly, I think BJ is a great basketball player. I always thought so. One of the main things for me coming to Kentucky was BJ getting here too. Ever since we were at camps like NBAP and Elite 100, we talked about teaming up at schools. Here, being at Kentucky, time will tell. We’re going to do some damage, I feel like, but we don’t really want to talk too much. I think the main thing for us is playing as a team. Even though we’re on the wings and stuff like that, we have other great basketball players like Olivier Sarr and Isaiah Jackson and Devin Askew. The list goes on. I feel like me and BJ being on the wings has complemented everybody else on the team,” he said.

Terrence Clarke will be an important piece to the success of this year’s Kentucky basketball squad. If he can fully exalt his potential along with his teammates, postseason accolades could be coming their way.


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