UK Head Coach John Calipari Says He Did Not See Chris Mack Video

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October 26, 2020
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UK Head Coach John Calipari Says He Did Not See Chris Mack Video

The UK-Louisville rivalry took a heated turn again after Cardinals’ coach Chris Mack recently complained that they would not be able to host a sold-out crowd when the Cats come to play this winter.

After UK Head Coach John Calipari responded by saying the rivals will play unless the Cards choose not to, Mack posted a video on Twitter going on a rant about how the scheduling was unfair, but then ended saying they will do “what’s most convenient” for the Cats.

A month after the video was posted, Calipari responded today in a press briefing saying that he didn’t watch it and was not worried about any potential shots fired from Mack.

“Now, do you honestly think I watched that video? You guys know me. I didn’t. Somebody told me about it. I can’t even remember who told me, but they said there’s a lot of whining on it. I don’t know. But here’s what I would say to you: He and I have talked since then. It never even came up. Guys that take shots, when you shoot arrows at me, they go through bazooka holes. They barely touch skin. They may not touch skin. So, I don’t worry about all of that. The biggest thing for me, like way bigger, I’ve got a good team. I just want to play. We have to get this underway in a safe way. We’ve all got to mitigate. We’ve all got to look after what we’re doing with our kids – wait a minute – and our staff and our managers because the virus is running us. We’re not running it. How do we mitigate all of this stuff? We’ve got to play. I’m saying, if we’ve got to play on I-95, I’m good. I’m playing,” he said.

The Cats are in fact set to play the Cards as one of the nine opponents on their shortened nine-game non-conference schedule. As for the road as a whole, which includes Big-12 foes Kansas and Texas, the UK coach expressed some concern for the difficult road ahead.

“I’m worried about it. I said to Mitch (Barnhart) – because he’s the president or the head of the committee, the selection committee – I said, ‘Mitch, what if we go 4-5 or 3-6? Are we going to be all right before I sign off on all of this stuff? I want to know that we’ll be OK if that’s the case.’ See, I think this is a year, you’re not worried about your record as much as playing, playing well and then counting on the committee to pick the best teams.

Now, do we think Calipari actually did not see the video? I don’t know, but I cannot wait for the matchup to get here.

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