Montgomery County Freshman Hayden Barrier Could Be A Rising Star

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January 20, 2021
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Montgomery County Freshman Hayden Barrier Could Be A Rising Star

Montgomery County High School freshman guard Hayden Barrier has been gaining recognition across the state for her overachieving play for most underclassmen. In this shortened season, she has already put up a season-high 27 points in a victory over Nicholas County High School and 21 points against Fleming County High School.

Her work ethic, however, happens to be maybe her most impressive attribute. Just 12 hours after Montgomery County’s victory of NCHS, she had already watched game film of her play in the outing. Overall, she has empathy for those holding the attitude “ball is life.”

“I think it’s really just me wanting to do something with my life. Not that you can’t without being good at a sport. Basketball gives me a chance to go to a bigger college,” Barrier said.

“My mom and dad definitely push me to do stuff and get better, but I think a lot of it is me and just kind of like wanting to get better every day, and wanting to be the best I can be.”

Her mother happens to be 1998 Miss Kentucky Basketball Beth Vice Barrier, who signed to play at Alabama after an illustrious high school career. Hayden Barrier said that her mom “still beats me one-on-one,” along with pushing her to continuing practicing.

“She all of times will work me out and put me through drills or whatever, especially when we were able to go with our team during Covid, she would put me through stuff and make sure I was getting in the gym still,” she said.

Barrier’s parents are not her only inspiration — she also has received feedback from notable Kentucky names including former UK guard Tony Delk:

When I asked her about Delk’s feedback, Barrier seemed humbled by the fact that such successful players are willing to reach out.

“It honestly is still very cool to me, and I’m still trying to figure out what all this means. Like I know I’m decent but all these people kinda confirming that, building me up and supporting me, is really nice,” she said.

Hayden Barrier still has a ways to go until graduation being in the class of 2024, but recruiting folks in the state will be keeping a close eye on her evolving game.

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