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February 1, 2021
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February 3, 2021
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Calipari Says Cats Have Passed Covid-Related Issues

Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari wanted a call from the officials as Kentucky played Richmond on November 29, 2020. Photo by Mark Cornelison

Kentucky was forced to enact a 48-hour shutdown in response to positive Covid-19 tests and contact tracing on Friday, but today was able to hit the court again in preparation for tomorrow night’s bout at Missouri.

When asked if the Cats would have a full roster in the next game, UK Head Coach John Calipari said “if not, it wouldn’t be because of Covid.”

The UK coach later then said:

“At this point, I don’t know (how many players we’ll have). I think it’ll be most of the guys. I don’t think it’s going to be like five or six guys (out). I think we’re going to have most of them. As we speak right now, there’s nothing COVID-related.”

Calipari was insistent on the only reason any player being marked as “out” would be freshman guard Terrence Clarke (ankle injury) or freshman forward Cam’Ron Fletcher (disciplinary reasons). In fact, he said the players were disappointed that they were not able to play against Texas last Saturday.

“When I had to tell them on Friday that this is what’s happened and we’re not going to play Texas, dudes were mad,” Calipari said, “and one of them immediately said, ‘Coach, can you reschedule that game?’ Then they all chimed in, ‘Yeah, reschedule coach.’ These kids want to play and they want to play good teams.”

Freshman forward Lance Ware mentioned in the presser that guys were able to become re-energized during the quarantine period, and will be ready to take on the Tigers tomorrow. With a win, they can get back some momentum lost a whole week ago at Alabama.

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