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Calipari Discusses Possibility of Rescheduled Games

Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari wanted a call from the officials as Kentucky played Richmond on November 29, 2020. Photo by Mark Cornelison

With the hard luck and bad play that Kentucky has had this season, their record has suffered, as they sit 7-13 (6-7 in the SEC) even after winning two games in a row. To make matters worse, they lost opportunities against Detroit Mercy, South Carolina and Texas to snag key wins in their hope for better chances in the postseason.

UK Head Coach John Calipari acknowledged this reality in today’s press conference, but said their could be a game or two pop up on the schedule again before the SEC Tournament is played early March.

“We could. We could reschedule. I don’t think – we only have one league game to make up, and I don’t know. I’d imagine it would probably be, you know, what I might do is if they’re saying we’re not making up that game based on seeding like they’ll make it – South Carolina has missed a lot of games. So, they can’t play five games, four games in a week. So which games are the most important that they make up for the seeding? Whatever that is and if we’re not one of them, we have a week. Yes, I’d try to schedule a couple of games. Matter of fact I’ve had a couple of athletic director friends of mine who are at mid-majors that have said, ‘Hey if you want to play us, let us know.’ So that’s a possibility,” Calipari said.

Of course, in the long run just one or two rescheduled games would not help UK a whole not considering how deeply hurt their record is, especially without SEC opponent South Carolina, which a win against could at least bolster their status in the SEC standings.

In fact, as many coaches often allude to, Kentucky will have to take the rest of the schedule with a “one game at a time” philosophy in hopes that they can continually get better and maybe have a chance at winning the SEC Tournament (if it happens) no matter what opportunities become available.

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