Larry Vaught: One day punter Max Duffy would like to be special teams coach at Kentucky

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April 7, 2021
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Larry Vaught: One day punter Max Duffy would like to be special teams coach at Kentucky


If Max Duffy doesn’t end up with a NFL career, maybe special teams coach at Kentucky is a potential backup plan.

Duffy, UK’s all-time punting leader, says he would like to maybe run kicking camps or be a special teams coach.

“If (Mark) Stoops likes me, maybe he will give me a job,” said Duffy. “I hope he is watching (the interview) or if not I will send him this.

“I love winning and losing. I am addicted to the roller coaster of sports. I would love to stay involved in that, particularly the coaching aspect when I am done with football but I am not done yet.”

Duffy, who graduated in May with a degree in psychology and is working on a Master’s in health promotion, “never struggled” mentally during the pandemic year/season because of his unique perspective.

“I think people really missed competing in front of crowds,” he said. “People who thrive in front of crowds did not have as good a year. For me, my perspective was even greater appreciation of what we have been given.

“Not many people get to do what we do. Not many get as good of tickets as I do to watch a game then come off the sideline for three seconds (to punt). I didn’t last long back home in our professional league, so you want to hold on and do the best you can.”

Duffy truly appreciates the opportunity he had at Kentucky and hopefully will have in the NFL.

“I am lucky to have my health, two great parents. I grew up in a place (Australia) and came over here and played in front of great people. I would like to thank the people back home who have been put through a lot by me coming here. Maybe it was a selfish decision but if I do succeed (in the NFL) they are just as big a part of this as I am.”

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