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Welcome to CameronMillsRadio.com

We're glad you're here. You will notice however, that Cameron isn't. He hates writing, so he doesn't. He might post the occasional pic of a dog or a YouTube video compilation of people falling down, but we would rather he not.

Thankfully, we have some very talented, passionate writers who write about what they are passionate about. What is written, on this now second iteration of our site, is content always aimed to entertain, occasionally inform and, just every so often, make you think. With over 350 years of experience, you are bound to read about anything from Icelandic horses to Alex Poythress to the ridiculousness of polls, the Russian roulette of court storming to the intense, and often deadly world of curling. We hope that you will share our stories and ramblings with your friends. And if you would like to contribute to this site, do not hesitate to let us know. Good luck finding the "Contact" page. We like people that have something to say. You might see yourself published on these illustrious pages for all to see and criticize. Thanks for stopping by. Now, go enjoy yourself and when you come back by again, bring three friends with you.

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